Who we are

we won’t sell it, if we won’t drink it!

SoPo Wine Co is a wholesale distributor of wine and beer in the wonderful state of Maine. We started in 2005, with the idea that we would only sell wines that we wanted to drink.

I sometimes call it a cult more than a business. Everyone that works here is fully vested in offering the highest quality product and the most efficient service possible. What we do isn’t so much by choice but a calling. Wine is really cool, all that history and geography.

If you are a consumer wanting to know where to find our wines & beers in Maine, give us a call, we can direct you to your nearest retailer.


Cat and Doug

Beer ME

Our name may scream Wine, but we approach Beer with the same gusto, fanaticism, and reverence that we extend to its smashed grape sibling. From Brooklyn NY’s full-bodied in your face stylings at Evil Twin Brewing, to the delicious onslaught of recipes from Against the Grain Brewing of Louisville Kentucky, we’ve tasted an alluring gallimaufry of malt that we hope will leave you saying just one thing, “Beer me“.